Detective Seann Woessner

Officer Woessner is a 13 year veteran, who has proven to be a model officer with a stellar reputation. Throughout the last year, he has been diligent in his patrol efforts and continuously demonstrated an exemplary work ethic, a positive attitude, and true motivation to improve the quality of life for our community.  He consistently conducts thorough investigations that often lead to arrests for serious and violent crimes.  He has familiarized himself with local gang members and repeat offenders, often resulting in the acquisition of valuable criminal intelligence leading to additional arrests.

Seann’s work ethic is perhaps his most valuable asset.  He is an officer who clearly loves his job, takes pride in his work, and has fun doing it.

Commander Marc Schneider-SMPD Liaison:

Commander Schneider oversees Patrol Operations, Traffic Bureau, Community Service Unit, Communication Center and the SWAT Team.